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all at once. -- i mostly post thoughts and feelings i have and reblog art. -- things i talk about frequently and openly: mental health/illness, stigma; social work and social justice; queer things (identity, sex/sexuality, politics, gender); polyamory!!!; kink (i'm a brat unicorn sub switch LITTLE).

Posts tagged constellations

Mar 10 '14

i want to look up and know for certain i am looking at the milky way and not a patch of clouds.

that is the downfall of having always lived in a metropolitan area - for all my learning, there are so many sky things i’ve never met. for example, i’ve found where cancer is, but i’ve never knowingly seen any if its stars because it’s always been too bright.

even a handful of extra stars throws me off now and i can’t differentiate anything i know, but someday i will look up and see as many as the north american sky will allow and be able to name hundreds of things.

the zodiac will go without saying, and the big stars like castor, pollux, sirius, polaris, bellatrix, betelguese, aldebran, albireo, of course.

but i will know dozens and dozens of stars and draw maps of constellations by season by memory.

you will hear me say things like, “oh, that’s interesting, jupiter is in aries now…” without checking any maps at all.

i will be able to tell you, “see those ones between capricorn and the microscope? before the sky was standardised, they called them globus aerostaticus, the hot air balloon.”

and SOMEDAY i will travel and see things the north american sky never knows, like pavo and grus and phoenix, hadar and acrux and fomalhaut. i will probably be so happy i start crying when i see these things.

Feb 10 '14

there are a few constellations i remember exactly when and where i first found them:

cassiopeia and andromeda
july 2009
on the roof of hotel cecco in arezzo, italy, with widget and prof. hobbs.

march 2011
i saw this great shape in the sky like a triangle with a really bright star at the top. the bright star was jupiter and the bottom two were the bottom of leo.

april 2011
i was walking from my apartment to the art school incredibly late one night and i looked up and i immediately recognised its head from embroidering it on my pillow.

and now perseus
february 2014
in lee and emily’s backyard in a robe.

there’s also falling man, the constellation i made up
i found him july 2012, probably the 3rd, 4th, or 5th
my iPod touch was dead and i hadn’t replaced my star chart, so i didn’t know what stars i was looking at and decided the ones i saw were falling man. turns out his left arm is part of auriga, the right is from taurus, and his feet are orion’s arms. his head turned out to be jupiter.

Oct 3 '13

Hug by Maria Paula Filippelli

i love the stars so much.


Hug by Maria Paula Filippelli

i love the stars so much.

Nov 23 '12
from Half Price Books today.poetry by rainer maria rilkeautobiography of a schizophrenic girlthis book will change your life ($3)sleeping with the dictionary (poetry by harryette mullen)walk two moons ($2)the origin of the zodiacburnham’s celestial handbook vol. 1skywatchingadvanced skywatchingpaper boats ($0.99, children’s book with awesome paper illustration)italia mia (really great vintage photos of italy by gina lollobrigida) 


from Half Price Books today.
poetry by rainer maria rilke
autobiography of a schizophrenic girl
this book will change your life ($3)
sleeping with the dictionary (poetry by harryette mullen)
walk two moons ($2)
the origin of the zodiac
burnham’s celestial handbook vol. 1
advanced skywatching
paper boats ($0.99, children’s book with awesome paper illustration)
italia mia (really great vintage photos of italy by gina lollobrigida) 


Jul 23 '12

I FINALLY FOUND DRACO. i have tried over and over to put draco together, never able, but Tonight, i finally saw it. also found hercules and one called alderamin. constellations feel good.

Jun 21 '12


hand-dyed 100% linen, printed with bleach, hand-embroidered.

these are my pride and joy.  blood, sweat, tears, passion, and panic attacks went into these masterpieces.

i would really like $200 a pillow.  they’re worth it.  you can have a copy of my capstone thesis for free (ha) if you’re really interested in the concept.  it’s a brilliant concept.

Apr 16 '12
i want a sky so full of stars i can’t recognise a single constellation.i want to see it every nightin a world without electricityuntil i know its lights by hearteven if it takes me forever.

sidenote: it is actually on my bucket list to visit the star reserve in the Lake Tekapo and Aoraki Mount Cook area of New Zealand.  maybe i will just live there for a year with no other goal than to learn the sky.  that’s a good idea. 

i want a sky so full of stars i can’t recognise a single constellation.
i want to see it every night
in a world without electricity
until i know its lights by heart
even if it takes me forever.

sidenote: it is actually on my bucket list to visit the star reserve in the Lake Tekapo and Aoraki Mount Cook area of New Zealand.  maybe i will just live there for a year with no other goal than to learn the sky.  that’s a good idea. 

Apr 16 '12

some great things:

  •  spotting scorpio.
  • i was very distracted by my inspiration and wrote a lot of great things.
  • my body has calmed down.
  • i meditated and it was healing.
  • i was awake to heard the birds start chirping for the millionth night in a row.  i’m starting to really appreciate that.
  • i got to see my favourite art school faculty, vincent, who i haven’t seen in weeks.
  • i’m almost finished with my capstone paper.
  • i can see a light at the end of the capstone art tunnel.
  • we had a really excellent intentional community house meeting today.
  • truly excellent.
  • i got to make out on a trampoline in broad daylight.  ikr?
Apr 16 '12

the highlight of my day/morning/night:

i decided i have to sleep in the lobby of the art school so that i will not sleep through 20th Century Native American Art History again.  (that’s not the hightlight.)

so when i was talking to the art school with all my luggage and my quilt, i just happened to look up at the sky and immediately saw Scorpio.  i’ve never located him in the sky, but i sewed on his button stars.  i couldn’t make out his tail, but definitely his head and neck.

a list of constellations i can readily recognise:
andromeda (but i can never remember her name) 
cygnus/the southern cross - i also know some of its star names, including my favourite star, albireo
orion  - know some of its star names
ursa major
sometimes i’m pretty sure i can see draco
sometimes i can find pegasus


Jan 21 '11

constellations and stars.

my entire life, i’ve loved the stars.  i wanted to be an astronaut for YEARS as a child (it hasn’t completely gone away, but i’m not that devoted to math and science).  i had a planishphere (star chart) as a child, but never used it.  i recently acquired one again and i’ve started using it.  one day i just realised there are a million things we WANT to do, but for whatever reason never engage in them.  i used to have a long list of those things, now i just do most of them (except i haven’t started taking bellydancing classes because those cost money).  i teach myself about a constellation a month, i knit, i’ve been riding my bike again and learning basic bike maintenance, and so on.
i think art school did it.  it taught me that you can actually do those things you want to do.  growing up, i wanted to do art, but i was at a loss for tools.  art school gave me the tools and taught me that there are a million resources for anything you want to do, you just have to get off your rear and DO IT.

my next project is learning about non-greco-roman constellations.  the mayans and vikings both had their own unique stories and formations, and since there is a separate chinese zodiac, i’m guessing they do as well.
all i know right now is that the three (greco-roman, mayan, and viking) cultures recognised the three stars we know of as orion’s belt.  i think that’s going to be a large part of my work for serigraphy this semestre.

constellations i can spot sans aide:

ursa major
leo, sometimes
draco, sometimes

stars i can find and know the name of:
(parts of gemini)
(parts of cygnus)
(part of orion)