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all at once. -- i identify as queer, cisgender, and polyamorous -- things i talk about frequently and openly: mental health/illness, stigma; social work and social justice; native american culture and sociopolitical issues; queer things (identity, sex/sexuality, politics, gender); poly; kink.

Oct 2 '14

trigger warning: incest

with that out of the way, i don’t know if you follow my story, but there’s this local kink community celebrity couple, okay.

i’ve been eyein them, like we all do, for a few months now, right, and they’re very friendly, but they’re also very busy.

long story of encouraging volleys back and forth short, tonight, the better part of a year after meeting them, the guy posted on fet that he was free if anyone wanted to hang out.

so i texted him because why not try? now, in my head, this is like when a radio station has concert tickets and everyone has to call in, and i won the fucking concert tickets!

i really had no play expectations. we went for a walk, drank a bit, had a lot of great conversation, built a fire with my housemates, J and another friend of mine stopped by, and it was just a good old time.

then, i mention i’m getting sleepy, so he takes me aside and gets to the point, before you get too sleepy, did you wanna play?
all casual and considerate, really.

in the end, we had two particularly enjoyable dark age play scenes.
at first, i was so nervous, and like, how do we even start this? is this gonna work? can i even do this?

then he started complaining about the painters in his room and how annoying it was that he had to sleep in his dumb baby sister’s room, and off we went.
we also played where i was slightly older, more “experienced” sister, and it was just a delightful surprise how genuine and natural our sibling dynamics played out.

and how fucking good a lay that boy is.
and how i didn’t realise how bad i needed fucked like that.
and how decent and safe a person he ended up being.

we also discussed having some pup/little playtime soon. because kink can be adorable.

Oct 1 '14
"Life is too short for shitty sex and bad relationships.
So go find someone who fucks you right and treats you how you deserve to be treated."
Oct 1 '14


I think you’re cute

cute as in I wanna hear what you sound like while experiencing an orgasm

Oct 1 '14
#pittsburgh #downtownpgh #upmcbuilding #ussteeltower #upmc #fountain #pink (at U.S. Steel Tower)

#pittsburgh #downtownpgh #upmcbuilding #ussteeltower #upmc #fountain #pink (at U.S. Steel Tower)

Oct 1 '14
i’m hoping to get the top green/brown pair of these, but if they’re gone forever i’ll get the bottom pair. Designed by First Nation Tlingit artist, Corrine Hunt.

i’m hoping to get the top green/brown pair of these, but if they’re gone forever i’ll get the bottom pair. Designed by First Nation Tlingit artist, Corrine Hunt.

Oct 1 '14
  • my dad: can you get healthcare through the indians?
  • me: er, not really, not here because there aren't any clinics.
  • my brain: because the federal government's way of honoring its treaties is to say, "fuck you, you whiny children."
Oct 1 '14
Oct 1 '14

i love being blonde so much

i wish i could have a reversible medical procedure done to make it grow like this.

not only do i just love how i look, it is a proven fact time and again, i turn people’s heads when i’m blonde.

and based on his increased amount of compliments last night and friskiness this morning, J also loves when i’m blonde.

Oct 1 '14
I love bein #blonde so much. #selfie

I love bein #blonde so much. #selfie

Sep 30 '14


which is worse, a whiny oppressor or an arrogant oppressor?

Tags: oppression